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Closing the financing gap: Infrastructure Project Bankability in Asia
June 18, 2017  |  Views: 847 |  Comments: 0 
The Asian Development Bank forecasts that Asia requires $26 trillion of investments in infrastructure over the period 2016 – 2030. However this expected demand is tempered by uncer... Read More...
#WannaCry: Lessons Learned and Implications
June 13, 2017  |  Views: 710 |  Comments: 0 
The recent large-scale WannaCry attack underscored the financial and businesses disruption harm that cyber-attacks can cause. This pandemic cyber-attack, which highlighted the incr... Read More...
Cybersecurity and the EU General Data Protection Regulation: The Time for Action Is Now
June 13, 2017  |  Views: 641 |  Comments: 0 
In less than a year, tough new rules on data protection will come into effect in Europe. For the first time, companies will be required to notify regulatory authorities, and poten... Read More...
Societal Aging's Threat to Healthcare Insurance
May 23, 2017  |  Views: 521 |  Comments: 0 
The analyses conducted in this report reveal that societal aging is projected to increase the prevalence of non-communicable diseases by 40 percent across Asia-Pacific by 2030. Read More...
The Changing Tide of Risk: Expert Perspectives on the Marine Industry
May 22, 2017  |  Views: 797 |  Comments: 0  | Article Rating
Marsh’s report, The Changing Tide of Risk: Expert Perspectives on the Marine Industry, consists of a collection of articles examining the risks and opportunities facing the marine ... Read More...
WannaCry Ransomware Crisis – Lessons Following the Tears
May 21, 2017  |  Views: 1389 |  Comments: 0  | Article Rating
On Friday, May 12, 2017, a ransomware dubbed “WannaCry” claimed hundreds of thousands of victims in at least 150 countries.  Read More...
Excellence in Risk Management XIV: Ready or Not, Disruption is Here
April 24, 2017  |  Views: 1029 |  Comments: 0  | Article Rating
As disruptive technology changes organizations’ business environment, risk management professionals must keep pace with the innovation to assess the risks and opportunities. Read More...
Oil Prices Transforming Global Geopolitics
March 22, 2017  |  Views: 959 |  Comments: 0 
Political events can have a significant influence on the price of oil, but the price of oil also has a strong influence on political events. Read More...
Marsh India Year Book 2017
February 10, 2017   |  By For more information, please contact  |  Views: 1077 |  Comments: 0  | Article Rating
Marsh India just published the Marsh India year book, to read more, please click on the headline. Read More...
Storing-up Problems for the Future – the Risks of Long-term Oil Storage
February 06, 2017  |  Views: 1402 |  Comments: 0 
Market uncertainty has increased the attractiveness of long-term oil storage at sea. However, the risks associated with this may not have been properly considered. Read More...
Transactional Risk Update
February 03, 2017  |  Views: 1371 |  Comments: 0 
The transactional risk update examines the use of insurance capital to solve transaction–related risk issues during the first half of 2016. Read More...
Cyber Threats: A Perfect Storm to Hit Europe
January 25, 2017  |  Views: 1201 |  Comments: 0 
Amid cyber-attacks on critical infrastructure, a profoundly changing regulatory environment, and skepticism about businesses’ preparedness, companies across Europe are being challe... Read More...
The Impact of Oil Prices on Asia
January 23, 2017  |  Views: 1174 |  Comments: 0 
Marsh & McLennan Companies’ Asia Pacific Risk Center’s latest perspective on how governments, energy firms, corporations, and investors in Asia should build resilience in an increa... Read More...
The Global Risks Report 2017
January 10, 2017   |  By For more information, please email  |  Views: 1283 |  Comments: 0  | Article Rating
Rising political and social unrest and the accelerating pace of technological changes are creating risk and instabilities for businesses worldwide. Read More...
Global Insurance Rates Decline for 14th Consecutive Quarter
November 10, 2016  |  Views: 1364 |  Comments: 0 
Despite the continuing decline, Q3 marks the third quarter in a row the rate of decline has moderated on average. Read More...
MMC Cyber Risk Handbook 2016: Increasing Resilience in the Digital Economy
November 03, 2016  |  Views: 2619 |  Comments: 0  | Article Rating
New collection from Marsh & McLennan Companies gathers insights from our cyber leaders and third-party cyber experts to help companies better assess cyber risks, develop comprehens... Read More...
Captive Benchmarking Report 2016: Creating Security in an Uncertain World
May 04, 2016  |  Views: 2692 |  Comments: 0  | Article Rating
Based on a survey of more than 1,100 captives worldwide, our 2016 captives report analyzes where, how, and why captives are being used globally. Read More...
The 100 Largest Losses in the Hydrocarbon Industry
March 22, 2016  |  Views: 2715 |  Comments: 0  | Article Rating
Marsh reports on the 100 largest property losses in the hydrocarbon industry to highlight where the risks lie and how to manage them. Read More...
Use of Insurance for M&A Deals Continues to Grow in 2015
September 15, 2015   |  By Rohan Bhappu
Asia Pacific Private Equity and M&A Services Practice Leader
+852 2301 7319 and Cheow Ai Ling
Private Equity and M&A Services
+65 6922 8019  |  Views: 4819 |  Comments: 0  | Article Rating
Despite record use of transactional risk insurance in 2014, more companies are using insurance in M&A. Read More...
Tianjin Port Explosion - Recommendations for Business Recovery and Resilience
August 24, 2015  |  Views: 6017 |  Comments: 0  | Article Rating
Using our local and global resources, we can help manage your insurance claims and coordinate with your insurance broker’s advocacy team, and review your business continuity and re... Read More...
A Quick Fix to Employee Benefit Costs - Indonesia
August 19, 2015   |  By Yohanes Pintoko
Mercer Marsh Benefits Leader, Indonesia
+62 21 5797 8118  |  Views: 1796 |  Comments: 0 
In an environment of changing health regulations and escalating medical inflation, employers in Indonesia will struggle to provide competitive employee benefits if they leave their... Read More...
A Quick Fix to Employee Benefit Costs - Japan
August 16, 2015   |  By Yoshiyuki Miyamoto
Mercer Marsh Benefits Leader, Japan
+81 3 5334 7019  |  Views: 688 |  Comments: 0 
Japan’s aging population is having a significant impact on the future affordability and provision of health care to employees. Read More...
A Quick Fix to Employee Benfit Costs- Thailand
August 16, 2015   |  By Suvimol Chenthanakij
Mercer Marsh Benefits Leader, Thailand
+66 2 695 7129  |  Views: 1493 |  Comments: 0 
Thailand is undergoing a period of unprecedented growth, with unemployment below 1% and a very tight labor market. In such a competitive environment — in which medical inflation is... Read More...
A Quick Fix to Employee Benefit Costs - Malaysia
August 16, 2015   |  By Ho Mun Kiat
Mercer Marsh Benefits Leader, Malaysia
+603 2302 8585  |  Views: 2554 |  Comments: 0  | Article Rating
In an environment of escalating costs, employers in Malaysia are challenged when it comes to the provision of employee health and benefits. As a result of changes to health legisla... Read More...
8th Annual Employee Health & Benefits Study
April 13, 2015   |  By SURESH BABU M
Employee Health and Benefits Consulting, Bangalore and SIMRAN
Employee Health and Benefits Consulting, Mumbai  |  Views: 2687 |  Comments: 0  | Article Rating
Employee choice in benefits: insights from India & Asia that you should not miss out. Read More...
Annual Transactional Risk Report
March 16, 2015   |  By Edwin Charnaud
EMEA Private Equity and M&A Services Practice Leader
+44 (0)20 7357 3157 and Karen Beldy Torborg
Global Private Equity and M&A Services Practice Leader
+1 212 345 3659  and Rohan Bhappu
Asia Pacific Private Equity and M&A Services Practice Leader
+852 2301 7319  |  Views: 5493 |  Comments: 0  | Article Rating
The Annual Transactional Risk Report reveals how global demand for transactional risk insurance surged during 2014, helped by record demand in mature markets. Read More...
Mitigating Off-Strategy Risk: Mining Industry Risk Challenges and Solutions
February 06, 2015   |  By John Holmes
Asia Mining Practice Leader
+852 2301 7310  |  Views: 4137 |  Comments: 0 
Marsh’s Global Mining Practice explores key areas of risk and highlights risk management and risk transfer solutions in the broad world of mining company off-strategy risk. Read More...
Taking Back Control of Your Benefits
February 05, 2015   |  By Rohan Muralee  |  Views: 5088 |  Comments: 0  | Article Rating
How can you use your benefits program to meet HR’s need to provide benefits that are valued, and satisfy Finance’s need to control costs? Mercer Marsh Benefits’ point of view share... Read More...
Making Your Health Benefits Data Count
February 04, 2015   |  By Rohan Muralee  |  Views: 4672 |  Comments: 0  | Article Rating
This point of view paper explores the opportunities for employers to effectively use their data to remove waste, decrease risk, increase return on investment, and drive positive em... Read More...
Asia Total Health and Choice in Benefits Survey
February 04, 2015   |  By Rohan Muralee  |  Views: 5207 |  Comments: 0  | Article Rating
The Asia Total Health and Choice in Benefits Survey is an in-depth survey of 1,019 unique employers across 12 markets in Asia that provides insight into how employers are using hea... Read More...
People Analytics: Using the Right Data, Metrics and Analysis To Solve Your People Challenges
February 04, 2015   |  By Rohan Muralee  |  Views: 5175 |  Comments: 0 
An organization’s people data speaks volumes about their business and their employees, and provides HR with the opportunity to be an effective influencer in their organization and ... Read More...
Global Risks 2015
January 14, 2015   |  By Angeline Tan  |  Views: 5950 |  Comments: 0  | Article Rating
Are we prepared for the greatest threats to our world? Read More...
Global Risks 2015
January 14, 2015   |  By For more information, please email  |  Views: 2093 |  Comments: 0  | Article Rating
Are we prepared for the greatest threats to our world? Read More...
Political Instability in Thailand: Marsh Guidance
January 21, 2014   |  By Duncan Buchanan
CEO, Marsh PB Co., Ltd.  |  Views: 4003 |  Comments: 0  | Article Rating
Thailand is experiencing anti-government riots with protesters causing disruption in Bangkok’s central government district. Protestors have clashed violently with police, causing d... Read More...
World Economic Forum: Global Risks 2014
January 16, 2014   |  By Jason Groves  |  Views: 8139 |  Comments: 0  | Article Rating
Top global risks include fiscal crises in key economies, unemployment, water crises, and income disparity Read More...
Mergers & Acquisitions Transactional Risk Solutions: Global Review
October 17, 2013   |  By Rohan Bhappu and Jamie Sparkes  |  Views: 6922 |  Comments: 0  | Article Rating
The latest transactional risk bi-annual global review newsletter from Marsh. Read More...
Marsh Asia Directors' Series - Issue 2 2013
September 23, 2013  |  Views: 9579 |  Comments: 0  | Article Rating
Businesses across Asia should undertake a detailed business interruption review as a way to quicken the recovery process once an event happens, according to new report published to... Read More...
Common Causes of Large Losses in the Global Power Sector
September 04, 2013   |  By Philippe Du Four and Nigel Ward  and Leigh Baker  |  Views: 6298 |  Comments: 0  | Article Rating
While weather-related losses remain comparatively rare in the global power generation sector, their financial impact is considerably higher than other operational loss events. Read More...
2013 Captive Benchmark Report - Now Available
May 28, 2013  |  Views: 7677 |  Comments: 0  | Article Rating
2013 Captive Benchmark Report