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Marsh India - News and Events June 2017
 ... >>
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How a large information technology company expanded outpatient coverage
A large information technology company with more than 5,000 employees had an objective of providing a holistic care program to its employees. A pioneer in the health and benefits p... >>
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Financial institutions are one of the most targeted organizations by cyber criminals
As a regulated sector, financial institutions, including banks, are greatly affected in the event of cyber-attacks, such as a data breaches. These institutions have to pay fines an... >>
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Cyber insurance as a solution
While cyber insurance policies were introduced in the developed countries more than a decade ago, in India these policies were first adopted only about four years ago. Since then, ... >>
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Marsh India Newsletter - News&Views June 2017
In the July issue of our newsletter, News&Views, we have feature stories on Financial Institutions and cyber security, cyber insurance as a solution, together with a case study on ... >>
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WannaCry Means GottaAct: Lessons in Ransomware’s Wake
Firms need a comprehensive cyber risk management strategy to ensure a quick, effective response against ransomware and other evolving threats.... >>
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Insurance premiums rise in 2017
Motor insurance premiums for third-party liability, which is mandatory in India, is likely to increase by 50% in a few cases, according to a report in Mint.... >>
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Niche benefits emerge as key differentiators for organizations
As organizations grapple with objectives, such as attracting, and retaining talent and balancing costs, a few niche benefits can help organizations differentiate themselves from th... >>
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How an organization improved retention and hire of the right talent
A multinational firm with diversity and inclusion as their primary agenda across the globe, wished to increase the representation of women in their workforce.... >>
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Marsh India Newsletter - News&Views April 2017
In the April issue of our newsletter, News&Views, we have an insight report on the role of niche benefits in the employee health and benefit landscape in India together with a case... >>
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Marsh India’s 9th Employee Health and Benefits Study
Marsh India’s 9th Employee Health and Benefits Study was released recently. The study, one of the important such studies in India, attempts to analyze the changing employee health ... >>
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Marsh India Year Book 2017
Marsh India just published the Marsh India year book, to read more, please click on the headline.... >>
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Marsh India Newsletter - News&Views Q4 2016
The fourth edition of News&Views, Marsh India’s newsletter, is now available.... >>
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Blockchain and innovation: The customer story
The traditional insurance maxim is that insurance is bought, not sold. However, as the internet, mobility, and social media transforms economies and the way we relate to each other... >>
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Demonetization and digitization of the Indian economy
The government’s decision to ban Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000 notes on November 8, 2016, to curb black money and terrorism financing through counterfeit notes has evoked mixed reactions. ... >>
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Cyber crime and trade credit risk seminar focused on two important risks
As cybercrimes continue to affect organizations, government agencies, and people alike, Marsh India helped facilitate a discussion of this issue among different stakeholders by hol... >>
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Health care innovation conference spotlights innovative health practices and insurance
As healthcare cost increases and innovation in healthcare advances, Marsh India held a conference, The Health Care Innovation and Insurance Inclusions: Employee Benefits Perspectiv... >>
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The Global Risks Report 2017
Rising political and social unrest and the accelerating pace of technological changes are creating risk and instabilities for businesses worldwide.... >>
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Marsh India Newsletter - News&Views Q3 2016
The third edition of News&Views, Marsh India’s newsletter, is here.... >>
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Marsh India Newsletter - News&Views Q2 2016
The second edition of News&Views, Marsh India’s newsletter, is here. ... >>
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Marsh India Newsletter - News&Views Q1 2016
Marsh India publishes the first issue of its quarterly newsletter News&Views... Read More... >>
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India Client Service (ICS), Marsh India event and the overseas risk transfer imperatives of Indian multinationals
Overseas investments by Indian companies have grown in the past few years as they consider such outlay as a strategic imperative to increase global market share and as a means to g... >>
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Use of Insurance for M&A Deals Continues to Grow in 2015
Despite record use of transactional risk insurance in 2014, more companies are using insurance in M&A.... >>
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A Quick Fix to Employee Benefit Costs - India
Health insurance premiums in India have remained high, on average between 15-16%, driven by a combination of medical inflation, hospital room and board increases, and variations in... >>
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8th Annual Employee Health & Benefits Study
Employee choice in benefits: insights from India & Asia that you should not miss out.... >>
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Infrastructure Conclave 2015
The infrastructure sector today presents a wide range of opportunities and challenges across the value chain as a result of the growing demand, policy resurgence and renewed invest... >>
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Global Risks 2015
Are we prepared for the greatest threats to our world?... >>
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Confronting Emerging Risks In The Education Sector
Educational institutions face a myriad of challenges today. Increased liability exposures due to the changing legal environment in India as well as the growing scope of activities ... >>
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Benchmark Your Company’s Cyber Vulnerability With Marsh’s Online Cyber Stress Test
A privacy breach or cyber-attack can affect your reputation and bottom line. But do you know how much it will impact your organization and importantly do you know the likely cyber ... >>
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Implications of the new Companies Act on D&O
In today’s regulatory environment, the personal assets of directors and officers are increasingly at risk. For directors and officers, the ability to make decisions and the need to... >>
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Are you Risk-Ready? Construction Project Risks Survey Results 2014
At a Marsh seminar on Claims and Contracting issues in the Construction industry in New Delhi recently, over 100 C-Suite and senior management executives responded to an onsite sur... >>
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India 2014 Cyber Survey Report
Marsh’s inaugural Digital Threats Conference, which took place on 13 November 2013, was attended by more than 150 risk and insurance professionals from a broad cross-section of Ind... >>
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Asset Valuations: Getting Your Sum Insured Right
Determining the realistic sum insured and new replacement values is very complex. Many businesses are unaware that their insurance is not adequate to cover the cost of replacement ... >>

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A Quick Fix to Employee Benefit Costs - India
Health insurance premiums in India have remained high, on average between 15-16%, driven by a combination of medical inflation, hospital room and board increases, and variations in... >>
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A Quick Fix to Employee Benefit Costs - Asia
Health care costs have been one of the top concerns of employers for much of the last decade, as they have continued to outpace inflation. ... >>
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Taking Back Control of Your Benefits
How can you use your benefits program to meet HR’s need to provide benefits that are valued, and satisfy Finance’s need to control costs? Mercer Marsh Benefits’ point of view share... >>
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Asia Total Health and Choice in Benefits Survey
The Asia Total Health and Choice in Benefits Survey is an in-depth survey of 1,019 unique employers across 12 markets in Asia that provides insight into how employers are using hea... >>
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People Analytics: Using the Right Data, Metrics and Analysis To Solve Your People Challenges
An organization’s people data speaks volumes about their business and their employees, and provides HR with the opportunity to be an effective influencer in their organization and ... >>
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Benefits: The Underutilized Reward
Are your benefits market competitive? Understanding the real competitive value of your employee benefits program is critical in making the right decisions about the most effective ... >>
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Making Your Health Benefits Data Count
This point of view paper explores the opportunities for employers to effectively use their data to remove waste, decrease risk, increase return on investment, and drive positive em... >>

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